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“You can dramatically extend life—not by multiplying the number of your years, but by expanding the fullness of your moments.”
Shinzen Young

Picture of meditation relieving anxiety

Find your calm inside the storm

Learn how to find relief by changing your relationship to anxiety, stress, overwhelm and long held fears. 

Anxiety is a beast and I’ve intimately known its unrelenting grip. I’ve also been amazed as to how a mindfulness practice, specifically through the development of three attentional skills, can help tame the beast!

Find relief and make life more manageable.

Instead of passively suffering through these emotions, you can turn them into grist for the mill. Breaking up anxiety and stress into just a few basic elements and then learning to work with them in meditation is a trainable skill.

It’s not always easy. A meditation practice requires consistency and takes time, but if you stay with it, it has the power to transport you to a place of profound healing and clarity. 


Receive a noisy world through quiet eyes

Meditation is not a substitute for taking appropriate action — it’s simply a way to change your experience of anxiety and stress. The goal is not to stop feeling emotions. It is to stop suffering around emotions.