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“Ultimately, meditation can allow us to have happiness independent of conditions and that is one heck of an awesome claim.” – Shinzen Young

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Mindful Meditation

Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can actually reshape our brain in positive ways, improving physical and mental health and elevating our emotional well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mindfulness meditation?

It’s the  development of three attention skills, Concentration, Sensory Clarity and Equanimity, all working together.

As you develop these skills, by paying attention to what is happening within you and around you, you open yourself up to significant benefits and rewards such as increasing the baseline of  your emotional wellbeing.

What is “Meditation Coaching”?

 A flexible system with an experienced coach

This one-on-one coaching and mentoring relationship has proven to be a very popular choice for those who want to learn or deepen their meditation practice. This style of coaching is meant to be interactive and the practice is tailored to your specific needs, aspirations and goals. 

What exactly is the process?

Start with the basics, then develop a system, then set a strategy

The process starts with weekly sessions to learn the core skills, concepts and techniques of mindfulness meditation followed by the development of a strategy for your meditation practice. After that, sessions are flexible. Some people prefer to schedule them weekly, twice a month or simply make an appointment when you need it.



Appointments can be scheduled, for new or returning clients, via the contact page, using the contact form or email.

NOTE: We teach Unified Mindfulness techniques in easy-to-learn formats. We do not have any religious affiliations