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Relationships | Intimacy

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Communicate more effectively

Mindfulness helps us to get along by seeing ourselves and others more clearly. By being more present in our relationships and not buying into our self judgment we can form more meaningful and fulfilling connections.

Mindfulness can help us to see and accept things as they are and to experience the richness of the moment. You can develop a more genuine, compassionate and harmonious relationship towards yourself and others by becoming aware of the world within you and around you.

Mindfulness Helps you better navigate your emotions

Living more mindfully has its benefits and becoming more aware of what is happening in the present moment creates an environment where love and intimacy are more likely to arise. 

It takes courage to give ourselves permission to feel whatever we happen to be feeling and to express ourselves and be vulnerable. Learning to be more skillful with our emotions can help us to process emotions more effectively and communicate more appropriately with others.

Be your best self

The more mindful we are of ourselves, our partner, friends and family, the better. It’s not always easy, especially when tensions run high. Learning to apply the skills of mindfulness to track and explore what motivates and drives our behavior can promote a more level headed, calm and composed  response to challenging moments in relationships.