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Addiction | Recovery

picture of people in addiction and recovery

Positive Behavior Change

 Mindfulness meditation  can offer a truly effective strategy to augment and support your addiction and recovery process, treatment or 12 Step program. Ready to take your recovery from alcohol and drug addiction to a whole new level? Mindfulness training might be just what you’re looking for.

control Negative Urges

Mindfulness can be a powerful self-care tool used to reboot your enthusiasm and re-energize your journey. 

Self improvement is a life-long journey and Mindfulness can help recovering addicts and alcoholics keep their recovery on track by gaining deeper insight into what’s going on in your  mind and body. Over time, and with continuity of practice, implementing a mindfulness meditation program can help you  effectively change your relationship with negative urges and emotions.

Skills To Aid Recovery

For people recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, cultivating a mindfulness practice can impact their condition in many positive ways.