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Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation can actually reshape our brain in positive ways, improving physical and mental health and elevating our emotional well-being. Mindfulness has a cumulative effect and lasting change happens over time. With consistency of practice you can appreciate deep benefits.

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool in assisting people with stress, anxiety, depression, pain, sleep problems and long held fears. It’s a systematic, practical and teachable skill endorsed by 21st-century neuroscience and world contemplative traditions. 

“Ultimately, meditation can allow us to have happiness independent of conditions and that is one heck of an awesome claim.”

Shinzen Young

At Happiness Happens Mindfulness we teach a variety of Unified Mindfulness techniques as well special exercises to keep you engaged and interested on your journey toward happiness independent of conditions.  The techniques are flexible and portable and can be used with eyes open or closed, seated or in motion. There’s something for everyone.

All techniques can be used in formal practice and during daily life. So, there’s no more excuses for not having enough time to meditate! There’s even a handy and effective 10 second mindfulness technique known as a “Micro-hit” to ground and center yourself on the spot.

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