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One-On-One Coaching

Your journey Begins Here

Meditation coaching has proven to be a very popular choice for those who want to learn or deepen their meditation practice.

 The process starts with weekly sessions to learn the core skills, concepts and techniques of mindfulness meditation followed by the development of a strategy for your meditation practice. After that, sessions are flexible. We’ll work together to develop a customized mindfulness practice that best suits your interests, schedule and personal goals.

This style of coaching is meant to be interactive and flexible and teaches you practical and profound methods of how to integrate awareness into your everyday life, better enabling you to handle the challenging moments and get more fulfillment out of what’s good.

You can also choose to be supported in your current meditation method.

Sessions are held by phone, FaceTime, Zoom or in-person. New students can book their first appointment via the link below:

Matt Brandt Mindfulness one on one coaching