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Sports Performance

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Learn to “Be In the Zone” more often

Peak experiences, such as “Being in the Zone”, can be trained through the skills of mindfulness to happen more often and reliably.  

Mindfulness can help athletes improve their performance and more fully enjoy their sports. Learning to be mindful can reduce the potential for burnout, physical/emotional exhaustion, and a reduced sense of fulfillment.

Focus less on negative thoughts

 Mindfulness allows individuals to concentrate their attention on the present moment and not dwell on the past nor worry about the future. A reduction in anxiety may lead to enhanced athletic performance by providing athletes more energy and focus for their tasks at hand.

Get back to loving your sports!

Learn practical mindfulness techniques, tools and exercises that you can take with you on the course, field, court, trail, track, park, surf or turf. In other words, anywhere! 

By being more present and changing your relationship to distractions, you can up your game and get more enjoyment out of your favorite sports!