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Picture of people listening to music practicing mindfulness

Music-Based Mindfulness

Why teach with music? Because a Music-Based Mindfulness practice converts an ordinary activity into a meditation practice and shows you how to take mindfulness into daily life. Music can be a great addition to your repertoire of mindfulness techniques.

Music Motivates

By applying Mindful Awareness techniques to music, at home or at a live concert, you can develop your skills in a fun and easy way. It’s the real deal and a great way to motivate yourself to practice.

From Teens to Adults

Music-Based Mindfulness is great for learning focusing skills, how to calm down, get in touch with emotions and figure out that paying attention to your senses actually can help you relax and feel good!

Music can be a gateway to improve your  attention skills  … and it’s a lot of fun doing it.

For the experienced meditator, it’s a powerful tool to augment your current skills or liven and freshen-up  your practice.