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Pictures of peaceful mindfully meditating

Training Attention

Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as mindfulness, to train attention and awareness.

The benefits and rewards of meditation are numerous and more and more people are  incorporating meditation into their daily lives.  The general population, from the individual to the workplace at-large, are utilizing this powerful and empowering form of self-care to enhance their sense of wellbeing and improve the quality of their daily life. 

Happiness Independent Of Conditions

Experiencing a kind of happiness that is independent of conditions is one of the many goals of a meditation practice. By  becoming skillful with your attention, you open yourself up to the many rewards and benefits of meditation such as increasing your sense of wellbeing. 

Though mindfulness meditation was inspired by Buddhist practices, today it is available as a completely secular practice that emphasizes stress reduction, improved focus and increased tranquility. There’s a large and growing body of research identifying the measurable effects of mindfulness on the body and brain.

Mindfulness Meditation

There are many ways to meditate and the style of mindfulness meditation that we teach, Mindful Awareness, is a flexible, adaptable and portable system. Mindful Awareness helps to develop a set of attention skills which can lead to an increase in fulfillment and reduction in suffering in your daily life.  These attention skills can be applied to any meditation technique.